New Fan Fav Cycling Shorts - 2023 Limited Release

New Fan Fav Cycling Shorts - 2023 Limited Release

The wait is over. Announcing the release of our 2023 cycling shorts in new prints and colors!

We’re rolling out our 2023 collection, starting with a limited release of our most fan favourites - our Performance Cycling shorts in three gorgeous new prints. We’re also releasing our brand-new Adventure Shorts featuring two cargo pockets in three striking new colors - Blackout, Shadow, and Cedar!

You asked, so we listened! 

All 2023 shorts have a higher waistline that will stay put and give you a smooth silhouette.  As always, our hidden chamois stitch lines make your bum look fantastic, while our premium soft and extra wide leg elastics prevent sausage legs.

The designs in this collection echo the epiphany of nature in our beautiful backyard and celebrate the scenery we encounter on our local rides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our creativity was energized by her forests, her ocean, and even her industry.

The prints in this release celebrate the magnificent ferns flourishing in abundance under the canopy of our city's ancient forests and the outrageous spectacle of flowers blooming throughout her neighborhood gardens and trees.  Container ships anchored in the deep blue Pacific ocean and bright industry on our city's rugged shores inspired the color pallets for our color-blocking and solids.

Samsara cycling shorts are designed by women to celebrate women’s curves. We test every print until we find the perfect tone, scale, and feel.⁠⁠ 

Our color choices for this collection were inspired by the desire to bring joy and brightness to your rides.

You asked, and we listened!

This year we designed our shorts with an even higher waistline to stop them from rolling down and to give you a smooth silhouette without putting pressure on your abdomen!  As always, our hidden chamois stitch lines make your bum look fantastic, while our wide, soft leg elastics prevent sausage legs.

Whether you simply want to get more active, commute more comfortably, or head out on your cycling adventure, these shorts will get you where you want to go in style. They will make you feel good so that you can push harder and further. ⁠

We hope this collection inspires you to be at one with your bike. Are you ready to meet the cycling shorts you want to wear, not have to wear?

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