How To Make Family Outings More Active

How To Make Family Outings More Active

With increasing demands in our lives, many of us struggle with getting our family together for anything other than a dinner. Taking the time and effort to shift the focus from food to wellness can be beneficial for the whole family. We believe in switching things up and making movement intentional, instead of creating reward systems centered around food. We love the idea of encouraging life-long habits in our kids and breaking up an office, desk or busy schedule with fresh air, fitness and adventure. We believe that fitness should always be a priority in a family’s schedule. 

Here are a couple of easy ways to make your family outings more active - Helping your child learn to love exercising and exploring the outdoors is truly one of the greatest gifts. 

  1. Go For a Bike Ride

Here in Vancouver, there are so many interesting and convenient trails to explore. Our team loves to bike around Pacific Spirit Park - many accessible trails, and it’s so calming and beautiful. The trails vary throughout the park, some are wide and easy while others tend to be steep and challenging. Go check it out! If you’re not in Vancouver, there are so many biking forums and communities that will help you select the right trails near you!


  1. Do a Spin Class Together

Our team LOVES spinning at Method Cycling Studios! If you have teenagers who are accustomed to watching Netflix and playing video games, switch things up for them. 

Offer to take them to a spin class, where they can engage with new people in the community and break a sweat at the same time. Talk about a win win! 

spin samsara
  1. Go For a Hike

Do a family friendly hike! There are so many easy-medium hikes in and around Vancouver such as Lynn Valley, Quarry Rock, Mount Seymour and Hollyburn.

Choose a hike that isn’t overly long to start with and that is interesting along the way, once they see the view at the top it will all be worth it! 

Tip: Bring snacks for the hike such as almonds, rice crackers, apples, and bananas that your kids can easily snack on, and always remember lots of water!

We recommend trying a variety of activities to spice up your family outings, see what your family enjoys most and try to incorporate the favorite activities into your weekly or monthly family outings. 

Even if your family only has time for a quick walk before or after dinner, make it happen! 

There is always a time for fun family activities such as bowling, mini golfing, swimming, waterparks, playgrounds and more! The possibilities are endless. When your kids are active, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines. Use it as an opportunity to move together, bond and engage your inner child! It will be more fun than the gym, and easier to stick to in the long run! 



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