Raising awareness for Mental Health with our friends at Face of Today

Raising awareness for Mental Health with our friends at Face of Today

One of our key philosophies at Samsara is helping out with amazing causes in the community to boost awareness and improve the lives of those around us. We love hearing about organizations that enable individuals to overcome extraordinary situations, so when we were intro’d to Kasondra Cohen at Face of Today, we knew we had to find a way to work with her. 

The Face of Today is an organization that works to remove the stigma around mental health, something which we feel is such an important issue and needs to be brought out into the open and discussed. We believe in opening a dialogue and ensuring people have the support they need because being isolated can be the most harmful outcome when someone is fighting a battle with mental health. The Face of Today is an organization that provides funding for young people that struggle with their mental health to ensure they have healthy and constructive outlets for processing emotions and developing skills that allow them to become leaders in their community. The proceeds go straight to young people who would benefit from the many great programs they offer from music therapy to sports camps. We were in love with this mission and believe in empowering the next generation. Samsara was so thrilled when we could provide shorts at a favorable discount for an amazing fundraiser where proceeds were donated to this cause! 

The race took place on June 15th, and was the Face of Today’s 1st annual cycling event with the intention of raising money and awareness. Samsara had the honor of designing and making shorts for the 75 men and women who participated! We worked closely with the organization to develop a unique spectrum of light design that was inspired by their logo and branding. Samsara is made by women for women, so this was our first exciting foray into making men’s shorts (for a great cause!). The positive feedback continues to roll in, and we were so happy to hear that the riders felt the shorts were just as comfortable as they were stylish! Kasondra was so pleased with our prints that she has some of the Samsara custom gear available at her head office! 

face of today samsara road cycle non profit custom shorts

We can’t wait to work with them again next year! 

Do you have a cycling event coming up? We love working with non-profits, charitable organizations and race teams! Send us an email and the details of the event. We would love to find a way to work with you!! 

Want to get involved? Find out more about the Face of Today and their programs here

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