At Samsara, we have set out to ensure that our customers look good and feel good. We want you to feel good about the choice that you make when you buy our gear and the following philosophy is what you are supporting when you invest in our community: 


  • We believe in lifting up women (and people!) around us. Our gear is made for women, by women. We are a female-led organization that cares deeply about ensuring there is a variety of options available to women in the cycling apparel space. Your voices are what help make Samsara possible.
  • We believe in local. Samsara Cycle gear is designed in house and manufactured in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 
  • We believe friends and family showcase our clothing better than photoshop ever could. We use real people as our models. Friends, family, and fans of Samsara Cycle. We don't photoshop their bodies or our gear, because we prefer the real thing and know you will too.
  • We believe in quality and consistency. We use the highest quality Italian fabrics and Elastic Interface chamois as the foundation for our gear. From there, we have conducted rigorous wear-testing and performance refinement for the last 5 years to get our design just right. Comfort is not a feature, it's a guarantee. 
  • We believe in ethical practices. We employ local manufacturers so they can make living wages, have safe working conditions and can continue to boost the local economy. 
  • We believe in sustainability. We believe in doing our part to eliminate waste and minimize our carbon footprint. We transform excess fabric into accessories, and simple garments to put towards charitable causes. 
  • We believe in giving back and supporting our community. When our team isn't on our bikes (And even sometimes when we are!) we are looking for charitable events, organizations and worthy causes to donate our time, energy and percentages of our profits towards. We look to causes that are close to our hearts, and we do what we can to give back. 
  • We believe in abundance. We believe there is enough opportunity to go around and we welcome other businesses in our space with open arms to partner and discuss how we can enable each other's successes.