our collection of cycling shorts, tights, jerseys and accessories are designed and produced in Vancouver, BC using the highest quality Italian materials. our construction technology hides the outside chamois stitch lines for a flattering look across the bum. we use a bacteriostatic Elastic Interface® chamois to provide barely there comfort no matter where the journey takes you.

deconstructing the performance short 

our shorts are lined with a breathable, lightweight mesh that wicks moisture away from the body. we use a bacteriostatic Elastic Interface® chamois and stitch it to the liner to keep unsightly stitch lines off your bum for a super flattering fit! our model is wearing her shorts inside out to give you a glimpse of our unique construction technology. 


performance short features: 

  • bacteriostatic Elastic Interface® chamois 
  • silicone gripper tape at the leg to keep the shorts in place
  • smooth, wide waistband
  • 4-way stretch with medium compression 
  • UV protection (UPF50+) fabric
  • moisture wicking Italian mesh lining
  • soft Italian fabric
  • eco-friendly production


bacteriostatic Elastic Interface® chamois



why bacteriostatic chamois are superior to antibacterial chamois

a bacteriostatic treatment acts by inhibiting the growth or reproduction of bacteria while preserving the normal bacterial flora of the skin. using a bacteriostatic fabric is one of the secrets to preventing the skin irritations and rashes caused by sweat. In contrast, an antibacterial treatment tends to eliminate all bacteria, including the kind that normally lives on the skin.


deconstructing the freedom tight

our freedom tights are the perfect partner for your indoor cycling sessions and outdoor rides in warmer climates. they feature the women's specific GYM Elastic Interface Chamois® which is lightweight and low profile. 



freedom tights features: 

  • bacteriostatic Elastic Interface® chamois 
  • light compression
  • high-rise fit
  • mesh ventilation
  • eco-friendly production
  • 4-way stretch
  • moisture wicking
  • UV protection (UPF50+) fabric


bacteriostatic GYM Elastic Interface® chamois

how do I choose a cycling pad?

when choosing a cycling pad, it is essential that you are not swayed by your first impression after putting the shorts on and standing up. you need to sit on a saddle in a cycling or spin position and check that the points subjected to the greatest pressure (the perineal area and sit bones) are properly protected. when deciding which shorts and pad to buy, the different saddle positions and length of ride will influence your requirements. the cycling pads are designed with a variety of densities to ensure the best response to your needs for comfort and protection.

men and women have different anthropometric parameters so our chamois are specially designed and crafted to reflect these differences: this ensures that they have the right density and specific design to protect the areas most at risk of suffering from pressure and chafing. a bacteriostatic chamois will stop the growth or reproduction of pathogenic bacteria without altering the probiotic flora on your skin.

we currently offer two types of chamois - Adriatico Elastic Interface® chamois in our performance shorts and GYM Elastic Interface® chamois in our freedom tights. 




deconstructing the performance raglan jerseys 

the raglan jersey was designed for ultimate performance and comfort on all your rides. the longer length sleeves offer increased coverage and a smooth, flattering look. our jersey is made using the highest quality recycled Italian fabric that is lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying. the raglan jersey features mesh ventilation panels allowing for maximum cooling and breathability to keep you comfortable no matter where your journey takes you. the raglan sleeve allows for more freedom of movement due to the extra space created without needing a shoulder seam.

with our raglan jersey, you'll notice the front is shorter when standing upright. our jersey will fit optimally with no bulk when in a riding position. we’ve lengthened the back of the jersey to pair with our bestselling performance shorts and offer full coverage.

 samsara cycle performance raglan jersey


product features:

  • moisture-wicking and quick drying
  • 3 back pockets for stashing your jacket, snacks, phone and anything else you need
  • soft Italian fabric
  • UV protected fabric (UPF50+) fabric
  • soft elastic gripper to keep the jersey down in back
  • mesh panels in the back and under arms for ventilation
  • full YKK zipper for easy on & off



samsara௦ prints

samsara௦ prints are designed in-house, exclusively for our own collections. each season we draw inspiration from fashion and colour trends, as well as the natural elements and inspiration of the beautiful region we call home, British Columbia, Canada. our prints are unique and made for self-expression. 

we use a heat transfer sublimation print dying process that allows us to achieve our bold colours, whilst being eco-friendly. this waste free technique uses no water and doesn’t pollute waterways with dye. in addition, we source the highest quality Italian fabrics to achieve the depth of colour and design in our custom prints.