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Combine orders for $20 off - each!

  • Add this HOLD product to your cart and checkout.
  • We'll hold your order for 48 hours while you add a friend(s).
  • Orders made by your friend(s) during the 48-hour hold time will be combined and shipped to one address.

Get friend(s) to join your order! We'll ship the items together to ONE address.

  • Add this HOLD product to your cart when you checkout.
  • After checkout, we’ll email you instructions about how your friends can join your order that you can email to them.
  • We will wait to ship your order for 48 hours, giving you time for a friend to join!
  • We'll give you both $20 off your orders if they do.
  • All items will be shipped to one address - to the person who initiated the hold.

How friend(s) can join your order:

  • Your friends must add your e-mail address in the Order Instructions section of their order so that we know to combine the orders together.
  • To find the order instructions area go to Cart > View Cart > Order Instructions.
  • At checkout, your friends should click "No thanks, I'm joining a friend's order" when presented with the option to hold their order.

Why are we doing this? A few reasons…

🌎 Shipping is hard on the planet! Combining orders to a single address helps save packaging and lessens our carbon footprint.

💸 Shipping is expensive! We'd rather help us both save on the cost by spreading it over multiple orders.

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