Racing to Paris 2024: Female Cyclists on a mission to the top


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Meet the new team of Canadian female cyclists racing to the Olympics. Instinct Racing is on a mission to make a mark in both road and track cycling. In collaboration with Samsara, we've teamed up to design the skin suit to help take them there. And of course, Paris 2024.

Instinct Racing Team

Meet the Team: instinct racing

To have a hope of competing at the highest levels, athletes must pour themselves into perfecting their sport. Unfortunately, there's often a funding gap between what national athletes receive from government bodies, versus what they actually need to reach the top.

 Enter, instinct racing

Created by three Canadian track cyclists, Devaney Collier, Erin Attwell and Fiona Majendie, the race team is founded with a singular mission in mind: to provide the cyclists the support and recognition they need to make it to the top. 

How? By creating the best environment, training tools, monetary support, and equipment possible to help them reach the highest levels in cycling. And the only way to do that is to hit the road, with a bang. 

Samsara x instinct racing

Here at Samsara, a deeper part of our mission is to help Canadian female cyclists and triathletes podium. Period. 

We understand that, for our national athletes to reach greatness, a tremendous amount of support from the community is required. That's why we have stepped up to underwrite the design, testing and manufacture of instinct racing's custom kits. Taking our expertise in design, paired with the team's goals in mind, together we've created a one-of-a-kind skin suit made to race.

Instinct Racing Team
Instinct Racing Team logo

Design Inspo

Meet the Samsara x instinct racing team skin suit. 

Designed to perform at the highest level of cycling.  

"The colouring was based off of the West Coast. Inspired by places we ride."

Fiona Majendie

Inspired by the local geography of the team's home base around Vancouver, BC, the skin suit blends the greens of our native forests, with pinks of the morning and evening sun, and blues of the ocean that surrounds the land. Accented with a line down the front that represents the Strava route of one of the most iconic local rides: Cypress Mountain.

Instinct Racing Team
Instinct Racing Team logo

How to support the Team

If you're inspired by the goals of instinct racing and would like to support their mission, you can follow and cheer them on online.

You can also support them by purchasing a limited edition instinct racing team jersey and/or matching socks. Proceeds will go directly to supporting the girls as they chase international podiums. 

To get your limited edition instinct racing gear, reach out here