Fit Guide

our shorts are lined with a breathable, lightweight mesh that wicks moisture away from the body. we use an Elastic Interface® chamois and stitch it to the liner to keep unsightly stitch lines off your bum for a super flattering fit! our model is wearing her shorts inside out to give you a glimpse of our unique construction technology. 

fit comparison

at samsara௦ cycle, our bottoms are offered in 4 different lengths. we are determined to provide women with choices geared towards their personal preferences and self-expression. each of us is unique! the 9” performance short reflects a more traditional cycling short length and features an 1.5” grip tape. our 7” short is an ideal length for ladies comfortable sporting a bit more leg, so to say and has a 2.5” grip tape for a super flattering fit. our 5.5” short is our original performance short. 

all of our shorts are a mid-rise fit, with the smooth, wide waistband sitting right below your waistline. our new ⅞ freedom tights feature a higher rise. 

our performance jerseys are a race fit, tight to body and slightly lower at the back, perfect for when you’re in the saddle. if you prefer a looser fit we recommend you choose the next size up.

how to measure

have a measuring tape handy? if not, no worries! grab some string and a ruler. wrap the measuring tape (or string) around each part of your body as indicated below. jot down your size and compare your measurements to our recommended sizing chart. with our jerseys, if you prefer a looser fit, size up! with our shorts, we always recommend staying close to our recommended size chart. our shorts and tights are designed to compress and support your muscles so a nice snug fit is idea. the gear is designed to move with you on your ride.

 cycling tights sizing guide


need help finding your size?

email and we will help you determine which size will work best for you.