Our Story - Samsara Women's Cycling Gear

Samsara means wandering or world, in Sanskrit with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. 

Inspiring women to live in full self-expression is at the core of everything we do at Samsara. Whether it’s on the road, in the trails, or at home, our mission is simple: provide women with premium cycling apparel that they want to wear, not that they have to wear.

Our founder and CEO Janet set out to create a thoughtfully-crafted line of premium cycling gear that powers the female body and soul. Tired of the sparse options for female cycling apparel, Janet and her passionate team set out to make a brand with personality that didn’t sacrifice quality.

Samara’s unique collection of one-of-a-kind cycling gear are as functional as they are flattering, and as comfortable as they are fashionable.

Each collection has been thoughtfully developed and designed in-house in Vancouver, BC with women’s bodies in mind using the highest-quality Italian fabrics. We’re built for comfort, style and adventure so that you can ride and shine in full-self expression.

For us, self-expression means letting your personality and confidence shine through in everything you do, on or off the bike. When we look good we feel good, and when we feel good we perform at our best.

Our unique prints and solids that suit just about every personality, and fuel any adventure. Every print has a story, much like every ride you take. We’re here to help inspire you to love your ride.