do you offer in-person shopping and fitting? 

if you are in the Vancouver area, you can schedule a fitting appointment. one of our staff members will support you in choosing the right size and style, and answer any questions you may have in regards to our product and/or chat all things cycling. we can't get enough!


can I pick up my order?

we currently offer pick up at our showroom location (1622 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC). when you’re ready to checkout, select the pick ip option. look for an email letting you know your order is ready for pick up. 


product, fit and care

should I wear underwear under cycling shorts?

NO (unless you're trying them on at our showroom)! cycling gear features a chamois and a good chamois is designed to be in contact with your delicate skin. samsara chamois’ are from Elastic Interface, a premiere Italian brand that features antibacterial features, bacteriostatic materials and strategically placed padding to provide barely-there protection. underwear with its seams and gussets will interfere with the fit and performance of your shorts.


how do you choose women’s cycling shorts? what types of women’s cycling shorts are the best? 

shorts that make you feel great and encourage your to ride your bike are usually the best bet. when purchasing cycling shorts, consider the length of your ride to determine the type of chamois you might want. not all chamois are created equal. samsara chamois are premium chamois (learn more about our technology), the length, the waistband, the stitching. 


how do I figure out what size i need? 

check our fit guide. still have questions? email and our customer team will be happy to help you figure out the best size for you. 

if you are in the Vancouver area, you can set up an appointment at our showroom to try and find the perfect item for you. to schedule an appointment, please email us at


how do I wash?

please wash our gear like you would your premium athletic wear to ensure a long life. we prefer cold water and to be hung to dry (also good for the planet). 



how to avoid a sore bum when cycling? 

cycling shorts with a chamois (pronounced “shammy”) will greatly reduce ongoing soreness and chafing for the pelvic area during and after cycling. it is not uncommon to experience minor discomfort upon taking up cycling or spin for the first time or at the beginning of the riding season. with regular wearing of cycling gear that includes a chamois, soreness will gradually reduce and become non-existent. beware, not all chamois are created equal and important considerations include the number of hours expected in the saddle, stitching around the chamois and proper sizing to dramatically reduce the risk of chafing and saddle sores. premium quality chamois, like the ones featured in samsara cycling shorts feature properties for moving moisture away from the surface area of the skin which is an important part of staying comfortable on the bike. 


do padded cycling shorts make a difference? why do I need cycling shorts?

YES! padded cycling shorts are the 2nd most important piece of a cycling outfit (first being a helmet). padded cycling shorts provide protection against soreness and chaffing in the pelvic area. 


i’ve heard there are women’s / female specific bike seats

YES! as with many industries, bike manufacturers have been slow to catch up with making a “women’s bike” truly designed for the female body. often times, women’s bike styles have been sold with a seat designed for a man. women’s bike seats are typically wider as their hips are wider. many have a hole or canal in the center for two main reasons: ventilation and to reduce the pressure on the delicate tissues in the pelvic area which is where the weight of the body primarily rests when cycling. 




where do you ship?

we ship to most countries worldwide. 

how much is shipping? 

we offer free shipping and returns in Canada. shipping to the US is free for orders above $75. there's a return fee of $5 for the US. shipping to other international destinations is calculated at checkout. 


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