our story

samsara is a Sanskrit word that means "wandering" or "world", with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. 

samsara was created by women for women who love to ride and are seeking comfort, performance and self-expression on the bike. designed and produced in Vancouver, BC using the highest quality Italian materials, our prints are created in-house and perfect for women looking to wear stylish, unique, technical gear that is comfortable.


samsara cycling apparel is as functional and comfortable as it is flattering.

our founder

samsara founder janet


when Janet (our founder and CEO) transitioned from running to riding, cycling and spin quickly became her passion. she struggled to find the right gear that met her expectations for comfort, style and quality. she soon recognized the opportunity and set out to create a brand that provided personality without sacrificing quality.

"our vision is to help women feel empowered and supported by wearing our gear. wearing samsara allows women to live in full-self expression, providing them the confidence and motivation to invest in their health and well-being so they can take on life’s challenges." - Janet



our core values

we are balanced

we believe exercise is critical to maintaining well-being, so we encourage our community to get out and get moving.

we are empowering

we believe in shared success, abundance and uplifting those around us.

we are transparent

we run our business with a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible mindset.