Why Samsara Cycling Shorts Are The Best!

Why Samsara Cycling Shorts Are The Best! - Samsara Cycle

Samsara Cycle is a personal passion. Our founder, Janet Hiebert, created this company because she wanted cycling shorts that met the technical requirements of the sport, fit HER body, and expressed HER personal style. 

She searched high and low in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and beyond, but all she found were over-padded, orthopedic-looking, shrunken versions of men's cycling shorts. 

So she decided to design her own. Women in Janet's cycling community noticed and asked where she got her shorts - thus, her company was born.

This was in 2018, and every year since then, we’ve listened to our customer feedback and made our cycling shorts better and better!

Samsara cycling shorts are designed by women for women’s curves. They fit and flatter women’s bodies in all sizes and shapes. 

The premium leg elastics get slightly wider going up the thigh, so there are no sausage legs!  A higher waistline ensures the shorts don't roll down and gives you a smooth silhouette.  We've hidden the chamois stitch lines so only you know the shorts are padded, making your bum look fantastic!

Our beautiful prints are original artwork designed exclusively for our collections. We test every print until we find the perfect tone, scale, and feel.⁠⁠ Our solid colors are carefully curated to complement our prints from current and past collections. 

With a premium chamois scientifically designed for women’s bodies, and soft, long-lasting, lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable, and sun-protective fabrics, our shorts meet the highest technical requirements of the sport.

Our shorts empower women to achieve their cycling goals with stylish self-expression and body positivity. Whether you simply want to get more active, have a more comfortable commute, or head off on an epic cycling adventure, Samara cycling shorts will get you where you want to go in style. They will make you feel great on your bike so that you can push further. ⁠

Time to meet the cycling shorts you want to wear, not have to wear!

Why Samsara Cycling Shorts Are The Best!