Why Padded Cycling Shorts are Worth It

Why Padded Cycling Shorts are Worth It - Samsara Cycle

Padded cycling shorts are an investment you won't regret!

If you cycle regularly, you know that riding often gives your bottom and pelvis area a beating, causing chafing and soreness. You may have heard about padded cycling shorts and the magical claim that they will make your rides more comfortable. However, you may still be wondering if they're worth the investment. Some of you might also have the impression that cycling shorts aren't flattering or feel like you are wearing a diaper.

Cycling shorts are definitely an investment, but we're sure it's one you won't think twice about it after you take the initial plunge. Trust us. Whether you ride indoors or outdoors, or use your bike for exercise or commuting, if you're putting miles on pedals, padded cycling shorts are, simply put, a game-changer. 

Also we have designed our padded cycling shorts to flatter women's bodies. The padding and stitching are hidden and the seat is designed to make your bum look fantastic. You will hardly know it the padding is there and the compressed fabric creates a smoother silhouette.

For the uninitiated, trying on a pair of cycling shorts for the first time comes with a mix of surprise and reprieve. Reprieve because you'll immediately realize how much more comfortable your bum will be from this day forward. And surprise because, if you choose the right pair, you'll find they're super comfortable and look great. 

What is chamois?

The pad in cycling shorts is called a chamois, pronounced unintuitively as 'shammy.' 

Whether you're riding on gravel, on mountain trails, on city streets or on a stationary bike the chamois is the most critical element in your cycling outfit. A chamois cushions your pelvic area from the impact of bumps and the fatigue that comes from spending any amount of time on a bike seat.

The chamois will increase your saddle stability, giving you more power while wicking away moisture and eliminating pelvic chafing and soreness. In short, a chamois will make your ride more joyful by enabling you to go further and longer without pain. 

There are an astounding variety of chamois in the world. The ones we use on our shorts have a sliding scale of pad thickness and absorbability ranging from single to triple-density.

Single-density is the minimal option and is ideal for shorter rides or indoor cycling. Triathletes also typically wear shorts with a single-density chamois so they can also swim and run comfortably in their cycle shorts. This is the level of padding in our Sprint Shorts. We created these shorts to provide a comfortable ride with lower-profile padding. 

The next level is a dual-density chamois, with extra thickness that enables you to ride comfortably for several hours. This is the ideal level of padding for most cyclists, and for that reason, it's the density we use in our best-selling Performance and Adventure shorts.

On the top of our scale is a triple-density chamois. This is the bulkiest and thickest option but, for that reason, ensures you're comfortable on very long rides. We use this chamois thickness in our Integral Bib Shorts, which are designed for long endurance rides and athletes seeking higher performance. 

Designed for Women

A woman's anatomy requires a different chamois than a man's. This should go without saying, but in fact is not generally understood. This is one of the reasons why our founder, Janet Hiebert, started Samsara Cycle.

She created this company because she wanted cycling shorts that met the technical requirements of the sport and fit HER body. She searched high and low in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, and beyond, but all she found was shrunken versions of men's cycling shorts with bulky orthopedic chamois. 

Women need wider padding and more support in the pelvic area. This is why it's essential to choose cycling shorts designed specifically for women.  

All of our cycling shorts use a chamois created and designed by an Italian-based cycling company that has spent years researching and developing padding scientifically designed explicitly for the female anatomy.  

Our chamois are made from a patented bacteriostatic fabric that inhibits bacteria growth while maintaining your skin's natural bacterial balance, preventing skin irritations and sweat rashes.This is something you will be incredibly thankful for after a long and sweaty ride!

Get ready for compliments because our unique construction technology hides the outside chamois stitch lines for a more flattering fit, so your bum will look fantastic!

Love Your Ride

Now that you've learned the ins and outs of the chamois, we hope you feel more confident about making the decision to purchase your first–or next pair of cycling shorts.

Whether you simply want to get more active, commute more comfortably, or are headed out on an epic cycling adventure, Samsara cycling shorts support you so that you can push harder and further. ⁠ 

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