Why Handlebar Cycling Bags Are Insanely Useful

Why Handlebar Cycling Bags Are Insanely Useful - Samsara Cycle

Written by Sarah Howell

Whether you're commuting around the city, going for longer rides, or facing the elements in variable weather, handlebar cycling bags are an easy and essential upgrade to your bike. 

Over the years, like many dedicated cyclists, I've accumulated many gadgets to make my rides better, easier, and more supported. That includes having purchased a lot of cycling bags. Each for their own purpose. 

Now, I've got a few go-to's depending on the kind of riding I'm doing. For instance, if I'm going to the grocery store, I use my old-school side saddle panniers.

For backpacking cycling trips, however, I've converted to the more lightweight expedition packs from Apidura. These are all great bags that serve particular purposes. That said, the one bag that gets the most use is far above my ever-trusty Samsara handlebar cycling bag.

Handlebar cycling bags are great in almost any scenario because you can conveniently store essentials at your fingertips. And yes, convenience matters.

Samsara Cycling Handlebar Bag

The handlebar bag is, out of all the packs I've tried, the easiest to access, especially while riding. For that reason, that's why I keep my GoPro or DSLR camera in this bag when I'm riding. That way, I don't have to fumble to get my camera out when a shot calls.

The other surprising thing about handlebar cycling bags is how much they fit. Handlebar bags range in sizes from every day to long-haul touring sizing. You can even expand them with accessory packs to carry more. But I've found that the standard 2L size, which is close to the size of all Samsara handlebar bags, is perfect for every ride I find myself in. 

Things to pack in your handlebar cycling bag:

  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra layers
  • Cycling lights 
  • Multi-tool
  • Spare tire/repair kit
  • Camera
  • Spare cash

Depending on the ride you're doing, the accessories you pack away in your handlebar bag will vary. But one thing won't: how insanely useful this bag is.

Which Samsara handlebar bag is right for you? 

Samsara Grab and Go Handlebar Bag

Samsara Lava Grab and Go Handlebar Cycling Bag

Why they're great?

This is the bag if you're looking for something most straightforward to access while riding.  It also comes with a strap to convert into a shoulder pack when you're off the bike. 

Other features include:

  • Two separate compartments for storage
  • Easy access to pockets while riding
  • Converts into a shoulder pack when you're off the bike
  • Waterproof lining and zippers
  • Made in Vancouver

Samsara Buddy Handlebar Bag

Samsara Buddy Handlebar Cycling Bag

Why they're great?

These bags are designed in the classic burrito shape that many cyclists love for their space efficiency. You can store bulkier items more easily (like a jacket) with only one compartment.

Other features include:

  • External stretch cording for extra storage
  • Most efficient use of space
  • Waterproof

Love your ride!