Fitting in as a Plus Size Cyclist

Fitting in as a Plus Size Cyclist - Samsara Cycle

As a plus size cyclist looking for technical apparel, the cycling world can often feel disappointing and exclusionary. Many of the top brands only cater to a small range of sizes. As a result, larger-size female riders are often told to just purchase men’s apparel instead. But men’s cycling clothes isn’t made for our bodies. The chamois is different, anatomically. Garment seams for women curve differently, too. 

One thing we are super proud of at Samsara is having one of the largest size ranges in the industry (XXS - XXL). And of course, all of our cycling garments are designed for and around the female body. 

Over the years, we’ve been refining our fits, listening to our riders and their feedback to make sure that what we create is not only of the highest quality, but also the most comfortable cycling apparel for those who specifically fall in the plus-sized range. That means, higher waist lines to avoid muffin tops. And wider thigh bands so you don’t have to worry about sausage legs.  


Sausage legs: when muscular or thicker legs look like shrink-wrapped sausages because of ill-fitting shorts. Sometimes also referred to as ‘muffin legs’. 

This is how Kerry Vandendriessche (@bikerepairbear) came to find out about us.

A Fat Cyclist that fits in

As a self-identified “fat cyclist”, Kerry had been struggling to find cycling apparel that would fit her body – and even make her feel excited to go out riding.

“I’m fat and I’m a cyclist,” say says, unapologetically. She’s also a certified bike mechanic, avid gravel rider, mother of two, and currently works in the cycling industry for a tech company. If Kerry isn’t considered a qualified cycling expert, then we don’t know who else is. 

So, without further ado, here’s Kerry’s review of our Samsara bib shorts and jersey, the plus-sized edit!