Winter Fitness Tips For Cyclists

Winter Fitness Tips For Cyclists - Samsara Cycle

Our tips to stay cycling-fit in winter!

If you’re lucky, it’s a constant 22 C or 75 F degrees and the sun always shines where you live. Unfortunately, for most of us we have to face the change of seasons throughout the year and in colder months, that means anything from rain to snow.

Oh, and also shorter daylight hours. All of these reasons combined are enough to make most cyclists want to hibernate throughout the winter season. 

To help you combat the winter blues, we asked Vancouver-based cycling coach and road racer Amanda Lau to give us her top tips for staying bike fit during the winter.

“A lot of the preparation for Spring riding comes with doing work off the bike.” – Amanda Lau

  1. Make it fun: A large appeal of riding is the bliss that comes with it. Fun is often the factor that helps us climb a little higher, or push a little harder on our rides.

    The trick is not to lose this spunk during the winter season. For this reason, Amanda recommends doing something fun. Whether it’s a fitness class that gets you dancing, or joining a Strava club and racing other riders from the comfort of your home, keeping your mental state positive will help keep you motivated to stay fit. 

  2. Hit the weight room: While you should always be working on your mobility and strength throughout the year, winter is a great time to increase gym days and put in a little more effort in the weight room. Try also working on your flexibility and make stretching your friend. 

  3. Try gravel biking: If you’re a road rider, waiting for sunny and dry days in the winter can sometimes mean going weeks without a ride. Especially here in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada. So why not get out there by hopping on a gravel bike.

    Start with easier trails. Don’t be afraid of getting dirty. For a little extra adventure, you can buy some powerful front lights for your bike and hit trails in the after hours.
  4. Ride indoors: Okay, this might seem like a no-brainer, but it warrants repeating. In the winter months indoor cycling is your friend! Nowadays, there are so many types of trainers or spin bikes you can buy for personal use at home.

    Or, find a fun studio with a dedicated base of cyclists to train with. If the rhythm of some good beats is what it takes to get your legs working in the winter, then enjoy! Just make sure you have a good pair of
    cycling shorts or cycling tights to see you through the class.

    Not only will these help your bum from getting sore, but they will also protect your pelvic area from excessive pressure that may have long-term negative impacts. 

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